Shouldice Athletic Park

Quad Baseball Diamond, Irrigation System Upgrades and Field Remediation

ion has been designing upgrades to the irrigation system at Shouldice Athletic Park since 2009. The quad (four) baseball diamond project began strictly as an irrigation system upgrade, however there were various issues the ball diamonds were struggling with, therefore the City decided it was an opportune time to address them.

The "Scope of Work" requested by the City quickly increased to include:

  • Reducing the size of the infields to conform to City of Calgary standards.
  • Removal of encroaching tree roots that had become a tripping hazard.
  • Design & installation of a "root barrier" system to slow down root intrusion from nearby trees.
  • Re-design of the entryway into the spectator area of the facility.
  • Removal and shredding of the existing sod for blending with the salvaged topsoil.
  • Removal and Replacement of the existing fence.
  • Re-grading the playing surface to improve drainage.

ion began work in February 2016 and the project was designed, reviewed, approved, and installed all within the same year, with the last piece of sod laid in November 2016. Construction Completion was awarded on schedule.

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