Reader Rock Garden

Project Overview: 

Located on the picturesque slopes of Union Cemetery overlooking Calgary’s downtown and Stampede Grounds, Reader Rock Garden required an irrigation system that offered a high degree of control to the client. ion’s water management strategy for the site addressed:

• challenging plant moisture requirements;

• diverse microclimates; and,

• erosion prevention of steep slopes as well as rundlestone paths hand-placed by former Calgary Parks Superintendent William Reader (1913–1942).

Irrigation system components were sourced for historical context as well as innovative features consistent with the pioneering resourcefulness of Reader. The gardens were rehabilitated according to Reader’s original design which included a drip irrigation system and internationally imported plant species suitable to Calgary’s challenging climate.

Irrigation Features:

• Sprayhead sprinklers fitted with pressure regulators ensures consistent performance;

• stream-type rotary nozzles with matched precipitation at low rates increase irrigation efficiency and hillside erosion;

• check valves prevent low-head drainage and puddling between irrigation cycles;

• trenchless technologies employed during construction protected existing trees and minimized disturbance of historic paths;

• the irrigation system and waterfall are monitored and adjusted via the City’s Central Irrigation Central Control system.

ion planned and designed the irrigation system and waterfall installed in 3 Phases between 2004-2006.

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