Legacy Regional Park

Legacy Regional Park is a 30-hectare park located on the north side of Lethbridge. The park is a unique blend of landscape features that are both urban and natural, contemporary and historical, which include a baseball diamond, soccer field, skate park, playground, tennis courts, basketball court, toboggan hill, and garden area with many trails and sitting areas.

As part of the project, team ion was retained by the City of Lethbridge to consult on all aspects of the park’s proposed irrigation system. It is the firm’s understanding that the park’s irrigation will be the largest landscape park irrigation system installed in Western Canada since ion’s inception in 2001. The irrigation system is designed with approximately 2,100 sprinklers, 250 hydro-zones, and 28,000 metres of non-standard, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe with a total construction cost of approximately $1,700,000. The park is designed to use ‘non-potable’ water for the irrigation system from two connected on-site ponds. The installed pump station provides water for irrigation at approximately 1300 GPM.

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